4 vanilla cupcakes with white frosting and red/white/blue sprinkles with square cupcake toppers on toothpicks: I Voted (so I deserve a cupcake), Future Voter, My Mom Voted, My Dad Voted, on white platter in front of blue ombre pumpkins

Printable Election Day Cupcake Toppers for a Bake Sale

Bake sales are a tried-and-true fundraising method. Since the baked goods are donated, all the proceeds go towards the cause. In just a few short hours, hundreds of dollars can be raised. One common bake sale opportunity is on Election Day since polls are typically open all day. To make

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Sliced Loaf of Earl Grey Pound Cake on white platter with lemons and cup of tea

Earl Grey Pound Cake

Coffee houses have been slowly but surely adding more teas to their menus in recent years. As someone who loves the smell of coffee, but not the taste, I always order tea. If I want to treat myself, I get either a chai latte or a London fog latte. I

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