Chromebook and wireless mouse on white table, open to Google Meet

How to Fix a Slow Chromebook

If you teach virtual students who use Chromebooks, you probably hear “Why is my Chromebook so slow?” at least five times a day. With so many students using these devices to learn from home, classroom teachers have also been doing double duty as Technology Support Specialists in helping to resolve

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Purple, Red, and Blue Composition Notebooks

Back to School Tips for Parents

Back in mid-March, the majority of schools around the world closed down to in-person learning and moved to some form of distance learning. Because it happened with little advance notice, many schools did not have systems in place to transition over to digital learning. Over the course of a few

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Hi, I'm Maureen!

I help fellow teachers, home bakers, and crafters learn new skills so that they can build their self-confidence in their talents. 

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